Sunday, November 9, 2014

Kayzley at 6 months

Kayzley is growing so fast...literally.  I can't believe it's already been 6 months.  It's been the best 6 months too.  She is the world's best baby...just a pure sweetheart.  She has been such an easy baby.  I'd never say this in front of my 2nd child but she has been a whole lot easier than him.  Then again she isn't colicky and has been sleeping through the night since day 5 or so (the second day of being home from the hospital).  It  can't get better than that. 

Now that she is almost 7 months and kind of have let blogging escape me I thought  I needed to document some milestones and her personality.  These things are so fun to remember.  I told myself with the other two I wouldn't forget but I most definitely have.  I want to be better about journaling.  This is good for now...well, it has to be...

  • Kayzley now is officially sitting up since Oct. 17.  She was a little wobbly during pictures but then later that after she just all of a sudden was sitting there for a long time without falling over.  She's been able to basically sit up for like 3 weeks before but I count Oct. 17 as the day she officially learned since I no longer needed to be there to assist her.

  • Kayzley has always been a talker.  Even now she is cussing me from the other room.  She's letting me know she isn't happy.  She doesn't really cry.  She talks, grunts, whimpers, screams, etc.  According to what is coming out is how I know how she feels.  I say she is a great communicator.  I understand her better than my other two boys at times.  Haha!  She warns me first and if  I don't meet her needs then she cries.  By that point she is so mad that she really cries and then it's hard to calm her down.  I try not to let it go that far.  It's been so great and wonderful that she is so patient.  I love this about her.
  • Kayzley loves to make farting noises and blow raspberries with her mouth.  This makes Quinn and Paxton do the same thing.  It drives me nuts.  I hate them spitting at each other, me, having their drool all over the place.  I don't mind it when she does it, I mean, she is just a baby!  I think it's cute when she does it.  It usually means she is bored.
  • Kayzley is so alert and attentive.  Right from the start she was this way.  She was handed to me at birth and she was looking around the hospital room.  Now, she has to touch everything and eat it.  She follows noise so well.  During a conversation, she looks right at the person speaking.  She makes direct eye contact. 
  • Kayzley, so far, hasn't been very fond of solid foods.  She just cries when I try to feed her.  I'm thinking it's because she is teething.  She doesn't like that spoon even touching her mouth.  When I do get the spoon in her mouth she just chews on it.  I haven't forced it on her.  I'm just waiting for her to be ready.  For now, I'm still nursing her.  I've been told that is all she needs until she is one so there isn't a real hurry.  I know she isn't starving an she definitely doesn't look it either.  If she was on the small side I might worry about it.  She does like the taste of different things.  If I give her something with my finger she doesn't seem to mind. 
    This is what she thinks of solid food.
    So dramatic!

  • Kayzley loves to stand.  She loves doing flips.  She loves Quinn playing with her.  When she is ready to blame she will shrill.  I know that is my cue.  She often laughs before actually being touched or tickled in anticipation. 
  • Kayzley has the least amount of hair out of all of my kids.  It's so weird and of course with my girl.  She still has less hair that what the boys did at birth.  I love dressing her up.  She is so cute.  She has the best personality.  She is always smiling.  She is such a happy little thing!
  • When someone talks to her she reaches out to them.  She wants to stroke them.  It's like she's saying she likes them or listening. 
  • When she is crying I like to put my finger over her mouth.  Kayzley will start singing.  She likes the different sounds my finger makes as the sound comes out.  This will entertain her for a while.  It's nice when I'm trying to do something like talk on the phone, etc.
  • She loves looking in the mirror at herself.  She loves talking to the baby in the mirror. 
The other day, Mike was getting ready for work.  Kayzley was fussing a little bit.  I wanted to wait for him to finish talking before I went to go feed her.  She was crying for maybe two minutes.  She had enough; she started screaming and cussing like she was ticked and dead serious at Mike.  It was like she was saying, leave my mom alone so she can feed me.  It was really funny.  It might be a you had to be there moment.
This is Mike playing with Kayzley the other night.  Don't mind the diapers in the background.  I had just brought them up from downstairs and noticed what they were doing.  I thought it was so cute and wanted to record it before I missed the moment.  I'm not sure what the towels are doing there.  I'll blame that on the boys.  Why not?  They're probably the culprit anyways.

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